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Awesome Treatment Centers02Addiction Treatment Recovery KS helps people end the vicious cycle of drug abuse, and gives them the opportunity to lead a more successful life. For the person with an addiction, substance abuse places significant strain emotionally, physically, financially, and professionally. Addiction Treatment Center Kansas, therefore, assists people in ending their struggle and helps them reach sobriety. Although some clients might require detox therapies upon arrival, everybody has access to individually-designed addiction treatment programs, individual and group counseling, and healthy recreational activities. Moreover, clients reside in stunning, affordable outpatient facilities with all of the care and supervision of inpatient facilities. Call 866-382-7393 to talk to an addiction rehabilitation professional, and start recovering now!

The Hazards of Substance Addiction

The risk of dependency is always present, no matter the quantity used or how often the occurrence or whether or not it is a physiological and/or psychological dependence on the substance. Physiological and/or physical dependence on a substance is when the body incorporates the substance into its everyday functions. For instance, when an oxycodone addict abruptly stops using the drug, their body can no longer generate the ‘feel good’ chemical substances independently. Psychological dependence, however, occurs when an addict perceives a ‘need’ for the drug because the use of it causes pleasure, rather than because their body chemically needs it. People can even become psychologically dependent on activities, like shopping, gambling, and self-harm. At times, people can both be psychologically and physically dependent on the same drug, or even a few drugs or behaviors.

The Goals of Addiction Rehabilitation

The basic purpose of addiction treatment is to enable the addict to permanently quit using. The staff at Kansas Treatment Programs consists of highly knowledgeable experts who keenly understand the hardship of addiction and who guide clients through the difficult, but worthwhile, treatment process. While in rehab, clients begin to understand their addictions, and how their dependency consequently affect them psychologically, financially, socially, physiologically, and legally. By prioritizes treatments and rehab methods that analyze the psychological drive towards drug abuse, Addiction Treatment Recovery KS can concentrate on teaching clients to first recognize situations that might result in a relapse and individuals who play a part in triggering drug and alcohol use, before teaching clients how to avoid such situations and individuals.

Personalized Substance Abuse Treatments

There are many specific theories on addiction rehabilitation and some methods work better for a certain people than others. At Addiction Treatment Recovery KS, educated and experienced professionals examine each client’s addiction, personal situation, and motivations before determining which treatment might be most effective and tailoring said treatment for the person. Some popular and highly effective therapies that clients may participate in are as follows: cognitive-behavioral therapy, where they are taught to identify, avoid, and deal with people and situations that might cause them to relapse; or family therapy, which helps family members to avoid enabling the addict and in turn support the addict’s recovery process. Designed to inspire a change in the patient’s environment and social circles as a way to support abstinent behavior, motivational incentives are incorporated in the treatment methods.

The First Step: Call Addiction Treatment Recovery KS Now!

Don’t underestimate the value of deciding to put an end a drug dependency. Uncertainty and guilt often prevent addicts from picking up the telephone. Nonetheless, it is the initial and most important step towards improving a physical and psychological quality of life. Many people in search of addiction therapy have questions about detox, medications used during treatment, and treatment center locations, all of which are addressed by addiction recovery experts at Substance Abuse Kansas. It’s time to end substance addiction! Nothing is more precious than a sober and clean future, so call Addiction Treatment Recovery KS at 866-382-7393 today!