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Without them I wouldn’t be healthy today!
Excellent Experience! All the office workers and personnel at Addiction Recovery Centers KS was actually concerned about my recovery, and wanted me get to sober. Without them I wouldn’t be healthy today!
, Durham Sep 19, 2013

Thanks to them I am sober, and I\'m finally feeling happy!
Powerful treatment plans! Nothing seemed to work for me, however, Addiction Recovery Center KS has helped me stay sober. I was ready to take back my family and my old life with their excellent rehabilitation facility. Thanks to them I am sober, and I'm finally feeling happy!
, Kansas Aug 10, 2012

They helped me into treatment straight away!
Simply amazing! I wanted to find help right away, and Addiction Recovery Center Kansas was ready and waiting for me as soon as I called them. They helped me into treatment straight away!
, Kansas Jan 11, 2013

Amazing and supportive therapists!
Like lots of addicts, I didn't really want to go to rehabilitation because I assumed that it might be a waste of time - there wasn't anybody that could understand my problems with drug abuse. However, on account of Addiction Recovery Center KS rehabilitation program, today I'm happy and clean. A couple of my housemates, and many people I’ve spoken with, felt similarly as me, but you actually feel accepted and safe at Addiction Recovery KS since most of the counselors and staff members are addicts in recovery, too. I understand that without them I'd most likely be on the streets, all by myself, unhappy, and continuing to use - they saved my life!
, Kansas May 20, 2010

Lasting effects!
Before Addiction Recovery Center KS, nothing I tried was effective or kept me sober for very long. I really wanted my family and my life back again, so I knew I had to go into a certified rehab center. With their assistance, I am now sober, and I finally feel cheerful!
, Kansas Feb 4, 2012

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